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The company is committed to the development, production and sales of a variety of practical, new, environmentally friendly door aluminum alloy doors and windows factory. After years of development and expansion, closely follow the current market needs and the trend of the times, and achieved brilliant results, now has a certain scale of production, design, development and sales capabilities. The company has advanced production equipment, exquisite processing technology, has a group of unique visual design and management personnel, innovative scientific and technological backbone, skilled workers. Product quality is excellent, with green environmental protection, beautiful appearance, fashionable, elegant fashion and other advantages, the price is suitable for the majority of consumer groups, is the modern family decoration, decoration of the preferred product. The company adhering to the for your beauty door life, we do our best. For the purpose of providing high quality products and quality services for the majority of consumption.




  • 1, see strength: There is strength, there is security; a small enterprise or a problem of the enterprise, the problem of dealing with the enterprise is already busy, what to protect the consumer problem? So, first look at the factory, with.../p>

  • 1, the realization of home intelligent, user-friendly control: Windproof, rainproof, anti-theft, infrared, smoke, gas detection and monitoring and alarm, and with the wind and rain, and infrared alarm detection on / off set (operation in wi.../p>

  • 1, regular cleaning: Smart windows Home Furnishing external environment more contact, therefore need to use windows degree and the level of environmental pollution, dust and regularly clean the surface dirt, to ensure the appearance of brig.../p>

  • 1, wireless remote control: Wireless remote control doors and windows can be opened, closed and stopped at any place in the room. 2. Automatic windproof and rainproof: The outside of the door and window is equipped with a rain sensor. When.../p>

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